Franklen Equipment and our partners bring experience and expertise to any number of blending applications. We can provide skid built units or individual components to support batch or sequential blending, ratio controlled blends or wild stream operations.

Systems can be manual, microprocessor-controlled or PLC-based depending on your application.

Typical applications:

  • ethanol blending
  • bio-diesel
  • oil and fuel blending
  • bio lubes
  • chemical dilution
  • asphalt blending


There are times when ccs of additive must be added to gallons of product. A full-scale blender is not practical, but the same principles can be employed using Enraf injectors. Main stream flow is used to pace injectors. Additional control options are also available.

Long the industry standard in gasoline additive service, Enraf now takes its 30+ years of injector expertise to a wide range of applications.

Typical applications:
  • dye injection
  • natural gas odorant addition
  • wastewater treatment
  • boiler or cooling tower chemical addition