Drum Filling System

This drum filling system provides a trouble free sensible answer to your filling needs. This completely self-contained system has the ability to fill containers ranging in size from 5 gallons through 55 gallons up to a maximum bulk storage size of 9,999.9 gallons. It includes 25' of Goodyear 1½" hose, a 1½" drumming nozzle, and a remote start-stop station with 25' of cable.

Automatically and Repeatedly Delivers a True Net Weight. No Need to Tare Drums. Fills 55 Gallon Drums In Less Than 45 Seconds. (Depending on Pump Capacity, Viscosity and Temperature)

Drumming System

The heart of the Model 3000 filler is a solid-state two level controller. This controller, coupled with a two stage control valve, a high performance temperature compensated meter, will fill drums with a net 60 degree gallon equal to weight. There is no need to weigh empty drums.

Operation Sequence

  1. Index desired amount into the controller.
  2. Place drumming nozzle into container.
  3. Press start button. Control valve will open and flow will start.
  4. When the second stage (slow flow) point is reached, valve will partially close.
  5. When final amount has been metered, valve will close and flow will stop.
  6. Place nozzle in next container and press start button to fill next container. Controller will automatically reset.


  • Batch Counter
  • Air Filter – Regulator – Oiler
  • 8" Ball Bearing Casters
  • Remote Start – Stop Station
  • Adjustable 2 Stage Control Valve
  • Light Weight Drumming Nozzle
  • Simple Operation
  • Compact Size
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ease of Installation
  • Ease of Operation
  • Built in Strainer
  • Built in Air Eliminator
  • Temperature Compensated Delivery


  • Capacity: 5 gallon pail to 9,999.99 gallon bulk container
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 100 gallons per minute*
  • Maximum Viscosity: 50 centipoise*
  • Product Temperature Range: -20° F to 150° F*
  • Valve Control: Two stage shut-down
  • Pipe Connections: 2" inlet, 1½" outlet with quick disconnect
  • Nozzle: 1½" nozzle with check valve and hose swivel
  • Hose: 1½" x 25' with quick disconnect
  • Remote Start-Stop: NEMA 4 with 25' of cable
  • Power Requirements: 120 VAC 60 Hz. 1 ph
  • Air Requirements: 80 PSI plant air
  • Material in Contact with Product: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, iron and teflon.*
  • Accuracy & Repeatability: Meet requirements set forth in U.S. Bureau of Standards, Handbook H 44