DataStikā„¢ Wireless Level & Temperature

Proven Magnetostrictive Level Sensing Performance: Now Wireless and Battery-Powered

Innovative Sensor Solutions and Ametek Sensor Technology have teamed up to develop DataStikā„¢: a truly wireless and continuous tank gauging system. It is ideal for storage tank inventory control in both aboveground and underground storage tanks.

DataStik™ employs the patented battery-powered, intrinsically safe, 900MHz DataCheck® spread spectrum sensor power and control platform. Integrated with the Ametek Process Technologies Digital Stik™, the system provides continuous level and temperature measurement for inventory control and supply chain management. Since the system does not require power at the tank, it is ideal for monitoring tanks that have not had any electronic instruments installed or are in remote areas where it would be costly to bring power and signal wiring to the site.


Leak Detection Systems

OMNTEC's LU and LPD leak-detection and overfill-alarm systems provide continuous, accurate monitoring in a variety of applications. Typical applications are reservoirs, sumps, dry interstitial spaces and dispenser pans. These easy-to-install controllers alarm for in tank levels and leak conditions. The LU controllers are capable of accepting up to 9 sensors for high level and leak detection. The LPD controllers are capable of accepting up to 9 sensors for in tank levels and product distinguishing leak detection. The electro-optic sensors used with these controllers allow users to easily cycle all sensors through a simulated leak, with the press of a single button. This feature eliminates the need to remove the sensor from its location.

An alarm condition is visually signaled by a dedicated LED indicator, which remains lit until the alarm condition is corrected. Alarm conditions are audibly annunciated via a 95-decibel piezoelectric pulsing horn. RA-series remote annunciators add high-level remote audio-visual alarms without the need for external AC power.

The LU-SP series controllers accommodate a variety of special applications. In addition, LU-OW systems are available for use with Oil Water Separators.

The NEMA 4X rating of the LU and LPD series controllers indicates a weatherproof, corrosion-resistant product. These controllers are ruggedly constructed to provide reliable and cost-effective performance.


  • NEMA 4X weatherproof, corrosion-resistant
  • Remote sensor testing
  • Acknowledge switch
  • Test switch
  • System detect light
  • Easily installed
  • Low-voltage remote annunciator outputs
  • Relay outputs (See Specifications)
  • LED indicators rated MTBF 11 years
  • Specific sensor LED
  • Inputs accept either high level, caution level or leak sensors
  • Low level alarm (LPD controllers only)
  • Distinguishes liquid hydrocarbons from water (LPD controllers only)
  • Removable sensor input connectors
  • U.L. listed
  • Third-party certified
  • Cost effective
  • Modified controllers for special applications

FuelCheck® Pipeline Batch Control


  • GOALS:
    • Minimize tank contamination
    • Minimize transmix volumes
  • Provides instantaneous and highly sensitive interface detection in shared product pipelines
  • Probe is COMPLETELY fiberoptic and thus inherently safe
  • No outdoor electronics: system immune to lightning and EMP
  • 3rd party automated batch control software available from ESI
  • Probe can be located up to 2 km away from Controller using "off-the-shelf" industrial fiberoptic cable
  • Senses changes in refractive index (rather than density) to differentiate adjacent pipeline product batches
  • Refractive index measurement is extremely sensitive to small differences in fluid composition; thus, much more precise batch cuts are possible than with density
  • When properly applied using tandem sensors, vast reductions in transmix volumes are typical
  • Probe may be installed flush with pipeline I.D. so pigging can be accomplished without retracting probe
  • 1, 2, and 3 probe models available
  • Analog output standard (4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC, etc.): serial and Ethernet (TCP/IP) protocols optionally available
  • Local LED displays indicate optical gain and final analog output


Wireless Tank Monitoring Controller

The OEL8000II-W is a comprehensive tank overfill protection and inventory management controller that can simultaneously monitor up to 99 FillCheck level alarm sensors or Datastik inventory monitoring probes. These intrinsically safe, battery powered magnetostrictive probes provide highly accurate product level, interface (water) level, and up to five temperature measurements distributed vertically within the vessel. Multiple level alarms can be specified and annunciated for each tank being monitored. All information is displayed along with alarm conditions on the OEL8000II-W 4-line by 40-character backlit LCD display.

The OEL8000II-W also accepts up to 44 of OMNTEC's Bright Eye leak detection sensors (wired). A distinct advantage of the intrinsically safe Bright Eye sensors is that they are networked and utilize 4-wire RS-485 multidrop bus interface. Other types of sensors (such as temperature and pressure) can also be connected to the buss using the patented BX Universal Translator. A built-in microprocessor gives each sensor the ability to identify itself and its location.

A thermal printer is also provided which can be programmed to record alarms, tank conditions, test status, and other system-critical parameters for permanent record-keeping.

With OMNTEC's proven reliability, the OEL8000II-W offers a comprehensive and user-friendly system.


  • Used with DataCheck serial receiver to support wireless tank overfill protection and inventory management
  • Supports up to 99 FillCheck, DataCheck, and DataStik wireless transmitters and DataCheck repeaters
  • Supports up to 44 Bright Eye sensors
  • User-configurable level alarm setpoints (Hi-Hi, Hi, Delivery Needed, Lo, Lo-Lo, etc.) and corresponding alarm annunciation
  • Multiple user-configurable reports
  • 4 RS-232 + 1 RS-485 serial ports
  • Optional FAX/modem board
  • Optional Ethernet/TCP-IP board