Emco Wheaton has been designing loading arms for over 45 years and is a recognized leader in the design, development and manufacture of loading and un-loading solutions for petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, food and industrial applications. Custom designs are available to meet vapor collection and operator safety requirements. Franklen Equipment's field experience can assist you in selecting the right system for you.

Loss Prevention - Civacon sets the standard for closed loop loading and unloading configurations that contain both fluids and vapors at all times. Low tanker loading rack or vehicle-mounted monitoring systems protect against transport overfill and provide positive ground indication. Civacon systems and equipment help stop costly and dangerous product loss and interface seamlessly with terminal automation services.

API bottom loading dry-break coupler with automatic latching. Automatic push and latch operation with dry-break coupling and safety lock. Used for loading tank trucks.

  • The Smith Meter MicroLoad.net electronic preset is a single arm, single meter device designed to control single product, straight loading.
  • The AccuLoad III product line provides the power, flexibility and configurability required for today's highly efficient and regulated terminals. AccuLoad III offers a host of product blending configurations.

Operator safety and fall protection - Green Manufacturing designs and manufactures loading racks, tank walkways and ladders, safety stairs and safety bridges to provide proper access and fall protection for operators in tank farms, at loading racks or storage facilities.