FMC Technologies Smith Meter® Positive Displacement (PD) Meter has long been the standard for unsurpassed reliability and superior custody transfer accuracy. Boasting high measurement stability, superior accuracy and a low pressure drop, Smith's PD Meters offer unmatched service life and ease of maintenance.

Benefits of Positive Displace Meters:
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Long Service Life
  • Tolerance to entrained solids
  • Ease of maintenance

Double Case PD Meters

The most accurate for volume measurement, Smith Meter® Double Case Positive Displacement Meters utilize a rotary-vane principal to obtain direct measurements from the flow stream without relying on inference technology. Smith Meter PD meters use a stream-lined flow path to minimize pressure drop across the measuring chamber. This provides inherent accuracy in the design and operation of the meters. Engineered to operate with low pressure drop and low slippage, Double Case meters maintain superior accuracy and stability and continue to be the meter by which all other meters are compared.

Single Case PD Meters

Smith Meter® Single Case Positive Displacement Meters have been the choice for terminal and bulk plant operators since 1926. The unique rotary vane design and streamlined nozzle design has kept the Single Case PD Meters among the best PD meters available for over 80 years.


  • Superior Accuracy
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Positive and accurate registration
  • Long Service Life
  • Tolerance to entrained solids
Typical applications:
  • Inventory Control
  • Batch Control
  • Blending
  • Custody Transfer of oils, solvents, chemicals, paints, fats & fertilizers
Model Size Inches (mm)Max. Flow Rate / GMP+ (L/min)
T-112 (50)100 (375)
ST-402 (50)105 (400)
SC-132 (50)150 (570)
VSC-132 (50)150 (570)
ST-753 (75)200 (750)
T-203 (75)240 (900)
SD-30/SD33 (75)400 (1,500)
ST-1603 (75)420 (1,600)
SF-60/VF-604 (100)725 (2,750)
Prime 44 (100)900 (3, 400)

PD Meter Accessories

FMC Technologies offers a wide array of accessories to be used with our Smith Meter® Positive Displacement Meters. From counters and printers, to transmitters to temperature compensators, FMC offers complete solutions for your needs.


Large Numeral Counters

Feature large, easy-to-read, five-digit 600 Series or six-digit 900 Series reset counter numerals, with fine graduations on right-hand wheel for an additional digit of resolution. An eight-digit, non-reset totalizer is standard on all models. Accumulative or Zero Start ticket printers are also available.

Horizontal Non-Reset Counters

Model 200A Series Counters have eight non-resettable numeral wheels plus a fine graduated disk for an additional digit of resolution. Model SM-200A Counters are the same as the Model 200A Counters except they are equipped with an explosion-proof, switch-type pulse transmitter.

Preset Counters

The Smith Meter® Model 300C Series Preset Counters are four-digit or five-digit, two-stage, preset counters designed for mounting directly beneath a Model 500 Series Counter on all Smith Meter® Positive Displacement Meters.


The accurately-recorded printer ticket takes the "guesswork" out of liquid transfers. The tamper-proof system seals the ticket into the meter register printer while transfer is being made and also seals out dirt and weather. The ticket is mechanically printed before it can be removed from the printer.


Model E Transmitter

A heavy-duty, mercury-wetted switch-type transmitter that produces pulses in proportion to meter throughput.

Model LNC Transmitter

Adapts to a 600 Series LNC to provide a contact closure for signaling remote instrumentation. Also available in a high resolution model.

Model PE-P Transmitter

A photoelectric rotary transmitter that attaches to a right-angle drive installed in the meter stack and provides a digital pulse signal for proving and/or remote totalizing.

Model UPT (Universal Pulse Transmitter)

An infra-red, quad-channel, hi-resolution pulse generator driven by the output shaft of a positive displacement meter. It provides high-integrity pulse transmission and verification of signal and power for custody transfer measurement applications.


ATC Temperature Compensator

The ATC Temperature Compensator is simple, yet accurate and rugged. Compensation can be provided for liquids with coefficients of expansion as low as .0003/°F up to .0020/°F, and for temperatures ranging from -50°F to 525°F. Assemblies are available to provide both gross and net volume or weight registration.

ATG Temperature Compensator

The ATG Temperature Compensator provides a continuous, non-cyclic output as it does not utilize clutches, cams, or ratchets. This continuous output is necessary where prover volumes are relatively small as encountered with mechanical displacement provers and when providing a signal output for certain instruments to avoid "hunting."